PH Keglers ready to roll at 2019 World Bowling Womens Championships

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by Brian Yalung

The Philippine womens bowling team left Tuesday to participate in the 2019 World Bowling Women’s Championships slated to take place at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas from August 22 to 30, 2019.

The tournament will bring together the best of the best female bowlers around the world, competing in singles, doubles, trios and 5 persons teams. Two of the six bowlers set to compete there recently took time out to share their thoughts on the upcoming tournament.

First up was Lara Posadas-Wong who admitted that there is pressure competing against the best bowlers. However, she believes they have prepared very well for the tournament. While they are not making any promises, the 29-year-old bowler says that they will do their best.

Lara Posadas-Wong

“There is pressure as always but I’m just keeping it together. I’ve met them before, almost all of them. It will be tough but we’ll do our best,” said Posadas-Wong.

To help the Philippine bowlers prepare for the World Bowling Womens Championships and other tournaments, the lady keglers went to the United States training center last February to further improve their game.

“When we went to the US for training, one of the things they taught us there is to do the adjustments and minimize the mistakes. So that is definitely a plus for us – how to be like them (US team) because they are the best in the world,” she added.

For Posadas-Wong, the US, Korea, Singapore and Malaysia remain tough hurdles ahead. However, she hopes that their training can help them unfurl a better showing.

“We can’t really promise anything but the team is a whole lot stronger now,” she said.

Aside from the mental pressure, Posadas-Wong admits that they needed to acquaint themselves with the different oiling patterns to be used in the tournament.

“Right now there are six oiling patterns we have to adjust to. We’ve been practicing for it for about a month so that’s one way to adjust to it,” Posadas-Wong said.

Finally, Posadas-Wong was asked if she could see herself finishing among the top bowlers in the tournament. She replied with just two words:

“Why not?”

Alexis Sy, another bowler on the rise pretty much feels the same way. But with the effort, sacrifices and training, the 27-year-old believes that everything will eventually pay off and that they just want to enjoy playing alongside world-class bowlers.

“There is pressure but at the same time we are trying to enjoy the opportunity to bowl with them,” Sy said.

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